Family $335

- Session for up to six people lasting approximately 1.25 hours in the Carp, Kanata, Stittsville,  Almonte, Carleton Place region

- 25+ hand edited images

-Private on-line gallery to view and download high resolution session images (allowing   unlimited  printing   possibilities for you!)

- option to add second hour ($125) which would allow a wardrobe change or 2nd location.

- Extended family groups accommodated at $40 per person additional person.

- Pre consultation via phone or e-mail if requested and print release

Couples/Engagement $300

- Session for two people lasting approximately 1 hour in the Carp, Kanata, Stittsville, Almonte  region

-25+ hand edited images

-Private on-line gallery to view and download high resolution session images

-option to add second hour ($125) which would allow a wardrobe change or 2nd location

-engagement session discounted by 50% when a wedding contract is signed.

-Pre consultation via phone or e-mail if requested and print release

Weddings/Elopements $1590

- up to 5 hours of wedding day coverage in the Carp, Kanata, Stittsville, Almonte region

- 200+ beautiful hand edited images

- Private on-line gallery to view and download high resolution session images (allowing unlimited printing possibilities for you)

- option to add additional shoot hours at $250 per hour

- option to add an engagement session for $150 (a discount of 50%)

- wedding contract must be signed with a $450 deposit made at the time of booking.  Remainder of balance must be paid in full one week prior     to wedding date.

- Pre consultation to review wedding day timeline and shot requests.

- Print release provided


Newborns are ideally photographed in the first two weeks after birth.  Please contact me before your due date to verify availability and book a date.

Hospital Session $275

- Session lasting 1 hour at area hospital.

- 20+ hand edited images

- Private on-line gallery to view and download high resolution session images

- Option to add a Maternity Mini session ($150) to capture this beautiful and fleeting special time.

- Pre consultation via phone or e-mail and print release

Lifestyle Home Session $335

- Session lasting approximately 1.5 hours in your home.  This extended session allows plenty of relaxed time to feed, change or sooth your             baby as needed.

- 25+ hand edited images

- Private on-line gallery to view and download high resolution session images

- Pre consultation via phone or e-mail and print release.

Special Needs

I have significant experience working with special needs individuals and understand the patience, encouragement and flexibility required.  My pro bono charity of choice is QuickStart Autism. The Gold Hope Project



Go to your closet and pick out a few base pieces you really like. Is there a favourite pair of pants that look great on your husband? A cute dress you just have to wear during your session? A shirt that’s just fabulous on one of your littles? Use those anchor pieces to build the wardrobe for the shoot. Then go from there. 


Coordinate, don’t copy. Identical matching styles are rarely fashionable or flattering, and there’s no reason your mini-me has to wear what you wear. One way to keep the entire family looking unified is through coordinating colours. Pick two to three colours that are flattering for everyone, and work those colours into each outfit in varying degrees. Try one of these pleasing colour combinations: 1. Red-Grey-Silver-Khaki-Denim 2. Blue-White-Khaki-Yellow 3. Brown-Tan-Red-Denim 4. Blue-Purple-Beige-White 


Turn up the texture. Add interest, personality and lift to your family photos with texture. Whether it’s a nubby sweater, a tweedy scarf or a fur vest, varying textures adds dimension and visual interest. Use texture in unexpected ways. A tulle skirt, a gleaming metallic shoe, or a denim jacket paired with a lace top or dress will add an element of surprise to the images. Mix patterns to create texture. The most foolproof way to do this is to contrast pattern size (i.e., a small pattern with an oversized one) while keeping the colours similar. If you choose to work with a stripe or a plaid, it’s most effective when used in small doses. Avoid both wavy designs and really tiny prints. Add texture through colour. Pile on the rich jewel-tones for a glamorous look, working these colours in small ways into the whole family’s look. 


Aim for classic but current. Ditch the extremely date-able trends and stick to classic shapes like sheaths, straight-leg pants, and button-front shirts. Keep in mind that timeless doesn’t need to be dreary. If your style tends to be trendy, classic shapes can make the colour or pattern of the season more palatable in years to come. Classicists can pull timeless pieces from their existing wardrobes and update them with current accessories. Details such as colour and texture are additional ways to make these items your own


Makeup should be bolder than your everyday look. Don’t be afraid of color. A woman should make sure there is definition on the eyes, cheeks and lips because these features tend to fade in photographs if they are not accented with makeup.  Stay away from harsh, garish colours or overly trendy makeup looks.  Beware of doing a very dark, smoky eye, as it may cause the eyes to look like they are sunken. And it goes without saying, use powder, powder, powder to eliminate shine! Of course, an appointment with a professional makeup artist is a fun and pampering way to kick off the day of the photo session.


Guys!  Make sure shirt and pants are clean and well-pressed — no dingy whites. Shoes should be clean and shined. Socks should match the pants, not the shoes. Nothing like a white athletic sock peeking out from a pair of khakis to throw off a whole shot.  Shave. Shave. Shave.


Neutrals You can’t go wrong with neutrals such as greys, tans, and creams, blush blues and khakis. They are in virtually every closet, easy to shop for, and look great on everyone. Neutrals are simple to coordinate, but the key is to encourage a variety of layers and textures to keep outfits from looking too similar or bland. Mix shirt styles, shorts and long pants, dresses and skirts in different fabrics. Add simple accessories to pull the look together.  


Yes to mixing it up with different patterns — checks, plaids, stripes are all ok. keep them on a smaller scale if you are trying to style a group. You can play with the large scaled patterns if you are trying to make a funky, loud, and colourful portrait of an individual.  I have never gone out and bought something special for a shoot and I tell my clients they don’t need to either. I can guarantee you that there is already something in your  closet that will work perfectly. keeping it comfy is key, too. Anything stiff and too formal will translate in the picture, especially for kids. keep the dresses and boys’ clothes in soft cottons or flannels. They’ll be more relaxed, and these materials photograph better, too. No logo wording on clothing. No “Gap,” “Old Navy,” or “Polo” splashed in huge letters across a shirt. Sorry, but this is never OK.  Your eye will go straight to those words, therefore deeming them the most important part of the picture!